Significant Non-Happenings

  on Sugar-Hill

WHITNEY, a young African-American girl, struggles to reconcile her own ambitions with the grim realities of her existence. She roams the darkening streets of Harlem in a last ditch attempt to realize her dreams. The film explores the idea of individual potential versus societal circumstance. Confronted with a host of characters made cliche by their surroundings, an atmosphere of drugs and sleazy money, Whitney battles to create her own destiny or fall into the abyss of conformity that surrounds her.






Lela Bryant -- WHITNEY
Olu Rufen -- JAMAL
Erica Hernandez -- MIMI
KJ Denhert -- MOTHER
Victoria Kofokasumu -- GINA

Written & Directed by
Agneya Singh

Produced by
Bianca Lopez

Assistant Director
Srimohi Roy

Cinematography by

Agneya Singh

Editing by
Gayeti Singh

Original Music by
KJ Denhert

Camera & Electrical Department
Nicki Doyamis
Brian Huselton
Alex Loeb
Nayantara Parikh

Sound Department
Laura Cunningham
Annie Medlin
Eli Shapiro

Art Direction
Brittani Harmeyer
Pat Morgan
Makeup Artist
Zoe Renfro

Script Supervisor
Ashley Melonson

Casting Director
Andrea Betanzos
Stephan Dominique
Camillo Quiroz-Vazquez

Stills Photographer
Chelsea Soby

Production Assistants
Mario Garcia
James Modderno
Alex Wachira
Simone Wymbs